Brighton Payroll Services.

We offer payroll services to Brighton and Hove businesses. Your staff need to be paid on time, every time, at the right amount for the work they’ve done: there are no two ways about it.

You also need to pay the correct tax and National Insurance as an employer, make the correct deductions from your employees’ wages, meet your obligations for pensions, statutory pay, send monthly reports to HMRC, and more.

If errors creep into your payroll system, you could face delays that cause a lot of disruption for your team – and in some cases, warnings and penalties from HMRC.

That’s a lot of pressure. And, if we’re honest, it’s probably not what you got into your business to do.


Why outsource your payroll?

Outsourcing your payroll is a vital step to having more time for your business – with your PAYE scheme managed by us, you’ll feel more confident about taking time away to look at the bigger picture.

You’ll get dedicated contact with one of our team members, who’ll help you get the best results and take care of your staff.

We can also work with you as a contractor or a business hiring contractors – and help you to adhere to the construction industry scheme.


Payroll services we provide


Automatic payroll processing

We make the process automatic, so you can spend more time on your business and less time sending through PAYE returns manually. We’ll help you with flexible payment options such as paychecks, direct deposits or paycards.


Tax withholding and wage garnishment

With automated payroll, we’ll ensure all the right taxes, garnishments and other payroll deductions are held back from the wage before they’re paid out to the employee.


Tax filing services

We’ll take care of filing all taxes on your behalf and offer year-end reporting, helping you prepare the appropriate forms. 


Compliance expertise

We’ll make sure to keep up to date with regulatory changes, helping you notify your clients about changes to wages, tax laws, and other pieces of legislation that may affect your business. 

All cloud-based systems (like the ones we’ll use) are designed to keep you as compliant as possible.


Payroll reporting

We’ll run detailed reports covering all areas of your payroll operations – wages paid, taxes withheld, hours worked, etc. 

Workplace Pensions

As part of our payroll services, we will handle all aspects of your workplace pension requirements (automatic enrolment) with a fully integrated solution. We’ve partnered with Penfold Pensions as a modern digital pension provider. We endorse Penfold not just for its innovation in pension management but for the substantial improvements it could bring to your business operations and employee satisfaction.

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Employee self-service

We offer self-service options that allow your employees to review their pay statements, update their withholdings and change their personal info, all without your help.

Always available for support

We’re always available if you have a question. Drop us a message or give us a call.


Pay your team on time with PIE

At Partners in Enterprise, we can take the task of payroll off your hands, processing your team’s pay accurately and consistently every month. Contact us today, and we’ll talk to you about your payroll.

Get in touch to discuss your requirments today.

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