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Brighton Tax Services.

We offer tax services in Brighton to help you meet your deadlines – they’re an unfortunate fact of life for many business owners.

As well as annual tax returns and company accounts to file, there are monthly reports for payroll and quarterly reporting for VAT – all when you’d much rather be running and growing your business.

Then there’s the ever-looming worry: are you doing it all the right way and staying compliant with HMRC’s rules?

At Partners in Enterprise, we’re here to take it all off your hands so you can get back to what you do best. Combining our in-depth knowledge with innovative accounting technology, we’ll ensure you meet all your deadlines, maintain accurate records and keep HMRC happy. And if there’s anything you’re unclear about, we’ll offer a straightforward explanation.


Why use a dedicated tax accountant?

With a dedicated tax accountant, you’ll know you’re in the right hands – in fact, there will be none of the teething problems you might get with other firms.


Proper human contact

Developing a relationship with an accountant is vital to getting the best results. Like a family doctor, or a close business confidant, someone who knows you will always have your best interests at heart. Our tax professionals are as personable as they are knowledgeable, they’ll spend time talking to you to build a good working connection.


Your questions answered

We can answer important questions all year round – there’s no time limit for when and how we can help you.


Help with complicated support

When you’re busy, and you’re not a tax expert, it’s far more vital that you spend your time on the things you’re best at. Even if you’ve got a simple tax setup, a professional tax expert can offer insight you simply wouldn’t have found on your own.


Using the right software

By using the best software around, you’re not only getting yourself ready for the future, you’re also making it easier to spot trends in your taxes, and assess how you could be saving more. We’ll guide you through making your tax situation better through tech.


Key tax services we provide

We offer a range of different tax services, all tailored to different markets:


Corporation tax

Support submitting and organising your corporation tax returns.



In a complicated area of tax, it pays to have an adviser who can help you make the right VAT decisions.


Self-assessment tax returns

Don’t miss the deadline for your self-assessment tax return. You might need to submit a return, even if there is no tax to pay.


Personal tax planning

We’ll help you plan your taxes so you can minimise your tax liabilities and save money on areas like inheritance tax and capital gains.


Estate planning

When you die, you need to know that you’re leaving your possessions in the right hands – that means making a plan with a professional who understands how to structure your estate to minimise the tax you’ll pay.


Construction Industry Scheme (CIS)

As a contractor, you must know you will pay the right amount of tax to your subcontractors. We’ll help you navigate the legislation.


Trust the experts – your partners in enterprise

Whether you’re a sole trader, limited company, partnership, limited liability partnership, charity, or club, we’ve got your tax obligations in hand.

Let’s talk about how we can help you with your tax.

Get in touch to discuss your requirments today.

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